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The earlier harvested fresh garlic from Henan already come to the market for 20 days, these garlic is dry enough now. While the majority of the garlic area start harvesting from May 20. It’s estimated the planting area is 20% more than last year. The yield in Henan increased about 10% and in Jinxiang---the garlic origin the yield increased about 7-8%. Owning to the good climate the size of garlic is bigger this season. Now there is still much stock of old crop fresh garlic and dehy garlic. With this pressure the price of new crop garlic starts low., farmers is losing money obviously. The price of dehy garlic decreased about 15% in the past three weeks.


In general, the garlic price would be at low level this season. This will attract speculators to invest on this product. We’ll wait and see how market developed and keep you informed more information.


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